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Naruto UB
An epic 1 on 1 Naruto fighting game. Fight with 1 of 8 characters.
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General game information on Naruto UB
Date submitted:Saturday September 12, 2009
Rated:T (Teen (13+))
File size:12838 kb
File dimensions:550 x 400
Vote score:2.86 (126 votes)
Game instructions and author's comments on Naruto UB

Up/Down/Left/Right for movement
Normal means your normal atack
Special means your special attack
Guard means.... guard..... n stuff
(Guard and a directional button to dodge that way, can only dodge backwards)
(Guard when about to hit the ground to bounce up taking less time to get back in the action)

There are 8 characters total, you start with 5, meaning 3 secret characters, hooray for math. Along with some other secrets I'll be telling in a week I'll include how to unlock them. Each character has their own unique moveset. Some combinations that work for one character ...
User reviews of Naruto UB
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