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Sleepless Ass.
Can you escape the Island Fortress?
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General game information on Sleepless Ass.
Date submitted:Monday June 15, 2009
Rated:T (Teen (13+))
File size:1648 kb
File dimensions:512 x 300
Vote score:4.55 (22 votes)
Game instructions and author's comments on Sleepless Ass.
Warning: This game is not for the faint of heart. It's quite difficult, and contains a small ammount of blood/people getting skewered on spikes/arrows. So no complaints if you're not made of the right stuff.

Take on this spike jumping, wall scaling, bow toting action platformer with just a peppering of stealth to it. Reprise the role of one of my earliar characters, Lucy to find out what happened after the Sleepless Knight series.
User reviews of Sleepless Ass.
1 Review
3103 days ago Mennez said:
0/0 readers found this review useful
Very hard but well done game!
Addictiveness: 8   Gameplay: 9   Graphics: 8   Sound: 8   Style: 8
Average: 8.2
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