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Klaverjassen is a dutch card game to be played with four people in two teams. Practice and learn the game online, once mastered try playing with your friends and real cards ;)
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General game information on Klaverjassen
Author(s):Crisis, Myth
Date submitted:Saturday December 9, 2006
Rated:E (Everyone)
File size:622 kb
File dimensions:700 x 480
Vote score:3.98 (632 votes)
Game instructions and author's comments on Klaverjassen
You play Klaverjassen with 4 people strict. The players on eachothers opposites are team-mates. This means North & South are allied and so are East and West. You are South, the other 3 players are controlled by the computer. You play this card game with 32 cards. (7-ace) You win by gathering more points than the other team.

At the start of a round, each player has 8 cards. After the dealer has dealt the cards the player to the dealers right must cut. He decides if he plays or passes on the current trump card. The first round exists out of 8 tricks. Every player ...
User reviews of Klaverjassen
2 Reviews
3769 days ago vinnie_n said:
1/2 readers found this review useful
too much thinking involved for me.
Addictiveness: 7   Gameplay: 8   Graphics: 9   Sound: 8   Style: 9
Average: 8.2
3779 days ago Mennez said:
1/1 readers found this review useful

Klaverjassen is a good game. I'm not a fan of cards games, but the graphics are so cool! Sound is very nice for a card game.

Conclusion: Klaverjassen is a nice game with nice graphics.
Addictiveness: 7   Gameplay: 7   Graphics: 10   Sound: 9   Style: 9
Average: 8.4
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