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Get ready to get your brain cracked in this challenging shiny game with the objective to get enough gems in a row! Battle opponents of several difficulties and with different board sizes.
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General game information on Gemstrike
Author(s):Crisis, Myth
Date submitted:Friday January 5, 2007
Rated:E (Everyone)
File size:262 kb
File dimensions:540 x 400
Vote score:3.58 (433 votes)
Game instructions and author's comments on Gemstrike
The main objective in GemStrike is to get the required amount of gems in a row. A row in this case can seen as several gems of your own color touching each other. All directions are allowed. Meaning you can achieve a row of the types displayed below:

You can also adjust the following settings:
The size of the playfield: The size can be 16x16 at its largest and 10x10 at its smallest.
The amount of opponents: You can have up to 4 opponents on a single field.
The strength of the opponents: For each opponent you can define how strong they should be.
Finally you can decide ...
User reviews of Gemstrike
4 Reviews
3583 days ago lyniX said:
2/2 readers found this review useful
Realy a Nice game bigsmile !
nice grapics, very addictive.
Addictiveness: 9   Gameplay: 9   Graphics: 10   Sound: 8   Style: 10
Average: 9.2
3712 days ago Mennez said:
1/1 readers found this review useful

I like this game! Because you have much choices to play with. Play with 4,5,6 rows or on a bigger board. The menu looks beautifull!
Nothing to say more.
Addictiveness: 8   Gameplay: 10   Graphics: 10   Sound: 9   Style: 10
Average: 9.4
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