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About Clashflash.com
Welcome to Clashflash.com!
Welcome to clashflash.com! On this website you can play flash games. Some of them can be found in the competition section and can only be played by clashflash members, e.g. people who signed up for free. The other games can be played without participating in the competition and can be found in the game portal section. If you have created your own account you will be able to submit your own flash games to the game portal. We encourage you to make an account and join the competition and, if you're an author, submit your flash games to the portal to get advanced statistics on your game and let players and fellow artists vote for your game and review it! Read on to learn more about the competition and this website.

What can I do on Clashflash.com?
Of course you can start by creating your clashflash.com account. After you've made your account, we hope that you can actively participate on our forums and to talk with us and other people about flash, the game portal, flash game development and the competition. Besides that, with an account you are able to participate in the competition that is going on this site. We hope you will have a lot of fun hanging around and wasting your precious time playing flash games, or letting others play your flash games and improve your games with the feedback from other users.

Once you've created an account you will be granted several privileges. These include having a personal rank based on experience and game points, being able to message with other users, create your own friendslist of fellow clashflash members, make a selection of your favorite games and access them immediately when you visit the website again, submit your own flash games, get detailed flash game statistics on user views and votes and more..

The Competition
You might have already noticed or read that there is a competition going on this website. Every month you can try to be the best gamer on one, or maybe all of the flash games available in the competition section of this website. There are several flash games you can participate in. The winner of each game is the one with the highest score at the end of the month. There is a winner for every single competition game every month. So when a new month starts, all high scores will be reset and all chances are wide open again.

You don't have to worry about your achievements, the website will always remember your highest scores in your profile, along with a lot of other statistics. When you win you will receive game points and experience points. When you do not win, you will still receive points, but it will be less than what the winners will earn, yes you read that right, winners. Even though you might have not ended up at the first place of a certain game you will still receive points, but the higher your rank in the list the bigger the amount of points that will be awarded to you. If you do end up in the first position of a certain game you will be granted a trophy for your achievement that can be a monthly medal for monthly first place, which you will keep forever, or a challenge cup that switches between the user that holds the world record on a certain game.

With these points you are able to do things on this website, and you will build up your reputation as well. Joining the competition is completely free! So better start joining now and gather points!

So I read I could add my own game? What's in that for me?
In the game portal you are able to add your own game using the add your game wizard. This wizard will guide you through the steps required in order to submit your game to the portal. Every step in that wizard is important and it will make your game easier to find for visitors.

On the web there are a lot of websites that provide flash games to everyone that visits the website. Most of these sites include games that were taken from other sites and simply added to increase the amount of visitors and the money they can earn from ads. Furthermore there are several other sites that allow you to submit your own game. This game will get into a listing with (sometimes) thousands of games and people generally forget about your game within a week unless it's positioned at the very top of the listing. Most of the time the website administrators determine whether or not your game will be displayed at the top or if it will fade away somewhere at the bottom.

It's different on this site in both ways. First off, on this website only the author of a game is allowed to add their own game we nor our users is allowed to add a game of which they did not create or of which they do not own the copyright. Every game you will find on this website is either made by the owners of the website, or submitted by the author themselves. If someone would decide to upload a game that was not created by themselves they will be punished and the game will be deleted. Secondly, the game portal is structured in such a way that enables a game to be found more easily. Every game is tagged and included in a specific section, furthermore there are several ways of searching for games in the portal. Generally the more popular your game, the higher its position will be on the main page for general users, but users will also be able to order the games the way they like. So if a user would rather get a listing of games with the highest score from visitor votes on top instead, they can simply change the ordering directly in the portal. If that user would have an account they could even change the ordering of the listing permanently the way they like it in the portal settings of their profile.

Of course it cannot be fully guaranteed that there will be no junk games in the portal, but the system will generally archive games if their vote score is lower than a certain amount.

Once you've added your flash game to the portal you will be able to get an overview of basic statistics when you surf to your game, but that's not all. If you'd go to your profile and select the button saying my games in your control panel, you can get a direct overview of your own games and your favorite games in a list which can be ordered as you please. For every game you've added to the portal you can see detailed graphs that show the amount of views and votes for your game every day of the month and every hour of the day in detail. You can even see how many users were logged in when viewing your game or voting for it.

Your game in the competition
It is also possible to have your own flash game become part of the competition. You have to know that it is a matter of trust to let us add a competition game we did not create ourselves and the game has to be suited for the competition.

First off, your game can be cool with very good game-play and sublime graphics, but that alone doesn’t do the job. We want you to be an active clashflash member and you have to be active on the forums. This way people can contact you if they have questions about or remarks on your game.

Secondly, we only add high quality games. Meaning the games need good graphics and game play. It is up to us to decide if your game meets those demands.

So if you have a good relationship and a lot of contact with the administrators and you would like your game to be added to the competition, download the pdf file below and read the detailed requirements.


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