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So you think you're up for it?
Aah interested in joining clashflash.com are we? Great! Now signing up is easy and painless. Just fill in the form below to create an account, activate it using the mail that will be send to your address and you're ready to go!

If you're still a bit unsure, make the additional information on this page convince you.
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So what exactly do you get when you sign up?
Play flashgames and compete in highscores!
Send messages to other clashflash members
Share the games you made with everyone!
Detailed view and vote statistics for your games!
A rank based on your experience and achievements!
A profile with your favorite games and friends!
And what you don't get is
Extra spam in your mailbox.
A few reasons for joining Clashflash
You no longer have to convince others that you achieved a score higher then theirs. You can just show them that your score is above theirs in the highscore list.
Upload your own game and see how many times your game has been played in detailed view and vote graphs, while getting direct feedback through user reviews.
As a registered member you can keep track of your achievements, gain experience points and gamepoints by playing the competition games.
Personalize clashflash to your own taste, change how many games are displayed, select your own favorite games for fast playing and more..

It's FREE!
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